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As parents you’re always looking for an opportunity to get your little ones out of the house, away from the screens, and off to a healthier more confident life. Here at Ski Bradford, just outside of Boston, we’re here to help mold your little ones into avid skiers and help you start a family tradition on the slopes!

Ski School is a great way to get your kids excited about skiing. Learning the hard way can present many barriers, and fear is a hard emotion to overcome. Our phenomenal ski instructors are here to help guide your kid comfortably to a new passion in skiing. We know exactly how to teach skiing, and take a cautious safety first approach to help our students build confidence in their abilities to not only ski, but to ski under control. We start with teaching the equipment and basic maneuvering, then slowly move on to conquer stops, turns, and the chair lift. In some instances a scary experience can force a budding young student right off of the mountain. Build confidence and learn in a safe, supportive environment at your local Boston neighborhood ski mountain.

Ski School can also be a great environment to meet new neighborhood friends. We teach hundreds of local Boston kids every season, and most of them love us and keep coming back through the years. There’s a special bond build when kids struggle and achieve together. Meet new friends and establish a popular play ground here in Haverhill. Learn a new hobby together and build confidence in Ski Bradford’s Ski School, tickets are on sale now. Don’t delay, start a new tradition and make new friends in the neighborhood here at Ski Bradford. Ski Bradford, ski close to home!