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Ski Bradford is an exciting Boston ski resort complete with a terrain park and half pipe that provides fun for the whole family. Enjoy a variety of skiing and snowboarding
activities in Haverhill, all at your own pace. With the half pipe complete and more people shredding our 12 features every day, practicing safe snowboarding in the park is vital. Keep some of these tips in mind when you plan to take on Bradford’s terrain park.



No matter what kind of riding you are doing, always be mindful of your surroundings and stay in control. You should be able to stop and avoid any features or riders even when a collision seems inevitable. Remember that the people ahead of you have the right of way, anticipate their line and use smart cuts to avoid them. You inevitably control your fate on the mountain, plan out your line and scope out any potential hazards.


When taking on the park always be mindful of the lineup, everyone hates the kid that bombs the terrain park and messes up everybody else’s run. It’s best to wait at the top and communicate what features you are going to hit and your order in the group.


Never hit a jump you’re not confident with, and be careful attempting tricks for the first time. If a new trick goes wrong and you fall landing the jump, it is important to keep moving to avoid getting hit. If you are injured yell out for help and have the spotter cross your ski poles above the feature to warn other skiers to be cautious ahead.



Always use equipment leashes to help prevent runaway snowboards and skis. Skis can easily pop off on a rough landing and launch through the air. Read every warning sign and actually keep out of closed trails, they’re closed for a reason. Also almost every pro snowboarder wears a helmet. Wear one, they’re comfortable, warm, and some even have Bluetooth speakers.


Keep these in mind and plan a Boston ski trip and enjoy Ski Bradford’s upcoming events. This Wednesday the 25th take on the park and register for the Mt. Dogs Wednesday Night Throwdown. Saturday March 21st Come enjoy a party at Ski Bradford where we’re hosting a BBQ and the always fun Hidden Prizes On The Hill Contest, followed by a kids egg hunt and 13th annual waiters race. Ski Bradford is bringing the 2015 ski season full circle with a Costume Parade Sunday the 22nd to usher in the most anticipated event of the year, the Puddle Jump. Join us for a fun filled day of BBQ, speed, and air! Like Us on Facebook and stay tuned for more info on upcoming events!