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Now that the season is over, all we at Ski Bradford can think about is how to get back on the slopes. Not to worry, you won’t have to travel far to ride some fresh powder because skiing in Massachusetts is possible all year round with the help of these awesome skiing and snowboarding videogames. Take a look at these games to help keep your skiing and snowboarding skills fresh until you can hit the slopes next season!
The newest snowboarding video game to hit the market is SSX by Electronic Arts. The game has received rave reviews since its February 28,2012 release date. Designed for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3, SSX used information from NASA to create 28 real-life runs from nine mountain ranges around the world. SSX’s compatibility with Xbox Live and the Playstation Network allows players to compete in live events in the SSX Universe. Now you can take the snowboarding skills you’ve learned at Ski Bradford and use them to explore the snowy Himalayas!


We Ski and Snowboard for Wii is a great game for those who are attempting to tackle the bunny hill or for those who’ve already mastered black diamond runs. This game has 14 different courses with levels ranging from beginner to expert and is packed with fun extras such as the ability to attend ski school or complete search and rescue missions. This interactive game lets you use Wii’s unique balance board, or even the Wii Nunchuk controls as ski poles, so you can feel like you are skiing in Massachusetts from the comfort of your own home!

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White’s newest snowboarding game, Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage, for Wii lets players ride 75 different courses that vary from a half-pipe in Times Square to fresh powder in the French Alps. Shaun White Snowboarding encourages users to play with friends in multi-player modes to expand your snowboarding crew. All the progress achieved as a crew carries over onto each player’s individual mode to unlock new tricks, apparel and gear.Check out these great videogames to learn new tricks around the world so you can show off your skills next winter at Ski Bradford when you’re back skiing in Massachusetts! The only thing that’s missing from these games is a steaming cup of hot chocolate awaiting you in the lodge after your run…