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Chances are, when you think about the state of Massachusetts, you probably do not think about the sport of skiing. The state is definitely more well-known for its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and its many beaches, but it also boasts some mountainous terrain which is wonderful for downhill skiing. Massachusetts skiing can be done at a number of ski resorts and you might be surprised at the quality of terrain and the popularity of the sport in the Bay State.

Massachusetts skiing is typically not as challenging as skiing in the Rocky Mountains, but the state’s ski resorts are recognized as being terrific for families as well as those who are just learning the sport. Most of the state’s downhill skiing resorts are terrific feeder hills, like to hills that you will find at Bradford, meaning that they are ideal for introducing newcomers to the sport. Though Massachusetts skiing will never be able to compete with the skiing opportunities out west, many people who learn how to ski in Massachusetts develop a love for the sport that takes them to some of the most revered skiing destinations in the world.

Though Massachusetts skiing is geared toward newcomers and novices, it also offers seasoned veterans great opportunities for experiencing true mountain skiing. This is wonderful for those skiing enthusiasts who want to get on the slopes, but are unable to make regular visits to the Rockies or larger resorts in northern New England. The best part is that Massachusetts skiing is economical, which means that season passes are reasonably priced and day lift tickets can be had for a bargain, as well. Additionally, residents of Boston and the metropolitan areas in the eastern part of the state need only drive a few hours to get to the slopes. This is tremendous news for those who want to escape to the mountains from time to time for some great downhill action.

The ski resorts of Massachusetts are truly some of the best-kept secrets in the country. Out east, resorts in other states like Vermont and Maine get all the publicity, but the many fine ski areas of Massachusetts offer skiers much of the same excitement. Plus, they are located in beautiful settings that the whole family can enjoy. Though Massachusetts skiing opportunities are not well-known to people from other states, the recreational possibilities of the Bay State should not be underestimated. If you love skiing and you are looking for alternatives to the big, expensive resorts, you should consider a trip to one of the many outstanding ski areas in Massachusetts. You will cherish the experience and so will your family.