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With determination and a few lessons, anyone can be floating down the snow-covered slopes of Massachusetts ski areas. Learning to ski can be accomplished in three steps. The first one is very easy; a person just decides to learn. The second and third actions take effort and time. The end result is well worth this little bit of structured fun. After all, snow-covered slopes and clear blue skies beckon. This is time to get off the couch and join active, fun-loving winter enthusiasts.

Making the Commitment

People trapped inside four walls waiting for summer can enjoy winter if they learn how to ski. Soon they will be counting the hours until the weekend comes and they can hit the slopes. All it takes is determination to learn a new skill.

Taking Lessons

The fastest, easiest and safest way to gain this new ability is to take lessons. Weekend packages at Massachusetts ski areas include lessons, equipment rental and lodging and give a future skier the best start. There are three reasons for this:

•  Experienced Instructors; These trained, passionate teachers explain, demonstrate, watch and adjust skiing techniques.

•  Equipment; It is cheaper and smarter to start by using rented equipment. Rental assistants outfit each person with the right size boots, skis and poles. These experts explain how the boots need to fit, how to step into the skis and how to get off the skis.

•  Practice Area; Most lessons are only an hour to an hour and a half long. The three most important things to learn is how to stop, turn and control speed. This is done through body stance; slight shifts of body weight cause different actions on the long, narrow, slick sticks under the feet. Only by actually skiing and using the newly learned techniques can people master this fun sport.


People learn new things faster when they have fun, practice and are with a group. Bringing a friend to Massachusetts ski areas, like Ski Bradford sometimes helps reduce costs and shortens the learning time. Once an individual can complete a turn with both skis parallel, he or she is ready to advance to a steeper slope.

A whole new world of fresh air, sunshine and excitement is waiting for people who want to learn to ski. Skiing makes winters enjoyable and Massachusetts ski areas do everything in their power to make sure everyone enjoys the snow and slopes. Learning this skill is easy with determination, education and application.   Ski Bradford is a great place for the whole family to learn how to ski.  Give us a chance and we will show you a great time.