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Dressing for spring skiing in Massachusetts can be tricky. With temperatures in the high 40s one week and below freezing the next, layering is key and the right gear is a must have. To fully enjoy the awesome night skiing near Boston get the right gear, sharpen your edges, and get here.



Layering is key when spring night skiing in MA. Temperatures are often all over the place and when skiing wearing layers, you can easily shed a wet sweater after a long day on heavy snow.   As the temperature dips at night those extra layers will come in handy to keep out the brisk New England wind. We usually ski with a light snow jacket, typically a waterproof shell without much insulation, and an under armor half zip with a thermal or sweater underneath. Remember layering is key, layer up with the right gear and have an awesome time night skiing, just outside of Boston, at Ski Bradford.



The Gear

As always a good pair of waterproofed snow pants is a must have. They have comfortable ankle cuffs to keep the snow out, a zipper fly, and belt loops to keep them up.


For the ideal snow jacket we prefer what’s called a shell. This is the waterproof jacket that feels heavy enough to wear snowboarding, but light on the insulation. They’re breathable to help regulate your body heat with the temperature ebbs and flows felt on a spring Massachusetts ski day. To supplement, layer on an Under Armor half zip and a thermal long sleeve shirt, and you will be good to go for solid night skiing near Boston.


Second most important, highly waterproof gloves. Some say they’re waterproof, but after a full day of spring skiing in MA they won’t be so dry. We suggest getting a great pair of gloves made of Gore-Tex.  It’s also a good idea to keep a pair of glove liners for when your gloves get wet. There’s nothing worse than cold fingers during an awesome night ski session at Ski Bradford.




So gear up and get here for awesome night skiing in Massachusetts. Just a short drive north of Boston, ski the north shore’s favorite Massachusetts ski mountain. Ski Bradford, ski close to home!


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