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Aldous is the father of 3 girls, Reese, Ruth and Aster.  Ruth and Aster are twins that were born in Ethiopia and were adopted by Aldous and his ex-wife.

Now, Aldous lives with his girlfriend and her 3 children, Donovan, Griffin and Vaughn.  So it’s something like a Brady Bunch in his house.

Aldous enjoys attending benefits and fundraisers.

“The further I go with my career, the more I would like to find social/economic causes to bring awareness to.

I try to promote happiness, awareness, positivity, togetherness, love and more in the words and emotions of the songs I write.”

Recently, Aldous has gotten back into painting pictures. He studied art at UNH but stopped painting once he started playing music.  However, now he says he paints a lot, as it seems to go very well with his music.

Best In State NH 2013 NEMA

Best Live Act in New England 2014 NEMATODE

Best Song 2015 LIMELIGHT

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