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For better spring skiing in Massachusetts, change your style and get ready for an awesome day on the North Shore’s favorite Massachusetts ski mountain.


Keep Your Balance

Whether taking a long day skiing in MA or squeezing in a night ski session near Boston, no day is the same. Because February and March temperatures vary so drastically, you’ll often find dense heavy snow one day and slush and ice the next. To handle these two very different snow conditions, we need to understand how best to keep your balance in each


When taking a day off to go skiing, you’ll often find heavy and maybe even wet, slushy snow.  Depending on how dense the snow you’re riding is, vary your lean.  In super heavy snow you can hold a deep lean because your edges can dig in to the heavy snow. Live a little and see how far you can lean. Once this heavy snow turns slushy you’ll want to pull your lean in and stay more upright.


As the slush freezes over for night skiing, you’ll want to keep your weight upright and use your legs to press into and turn. For this you need really sharpen your edges. Take your board or skis to a shop and ask for a fresh edge and wax. The wax will help you keep good speed on the slush and the fresh sharpening helps you keep a stronger edge on the ice. Some people aren’t fans of night skiing in MA on ice, but we love it. A few random patches of ice keep things interesting and challenge the skiers that don’t shy away.



For awesome spring skiing in MA sharpen your edges and keep these few ski tips in mind and come on out for great night skiing near Boston. Ski Bradford, ski close to home!


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