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Ski Bradford is a tight knit Haverhill community. We’re a Boston ski mountain where kids and parents from all over Haverhill come to have fun, meet new friends, and become better skiers. We’ve got something for every skier and want you to share in the experience, purchase season passes before October 15th and save 20% off!


Make Friends with Common Interests

Here at Ski Bradford, kids come from all over to ski together. This Haverhill mountain hosts families from all over Boston and is a great opportunity for not only your child, but you to make friends with common interests. Most parents get their kids in to skiing because they love it too! They often sit and mingle in the lodge, or even join the kids up on the slopes. Make no mistake, the kids love Ski Bradford too. With 15 runs, 3 chair lifts and magic carpets, and a 12 feature terrain park, Ski Bradford has something for everyone. We even have our own alpine down-hill racing team!


Exercise While Having Fun

Skiing is a great work out, but the best part is it doesn’t even feel like one! With quick bursts of activity and a short rest on the ski lift you hardly feel tired. Skiing is also a great way to develop better balance, coordination, and snappier decision making. Build skills, conditioning, and muscle while getting fresh air and exercise at Ski Bradford.


Build Confidence for a Brighter Future

With its high pace and sometimes slippery conditions, skiing can be a scary sport. Overcoming and conquering those fears not only build skills like balance, anticipation, and muscle but also builds confidence.  With such a good learning mountain right in your neighborhood, building confidence and making friends is so easy! Don’t miss out on any of the snow sports fun in Haverhill this winter, Get a season pass today. Ski Bradford, ski close to home!