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Almost every year, there are thousands of injuries reported as a result of skiing, snowboarding, and other winter slope activities. Injuries to the lower extremities are often caused by poor equipment. However, head injuries are often sustained by those who have reportedly neglected the use of helmets. Therefore, if ever you are planning to go snowboarding or skiing in MA or in any other state, be sure to wear your helmets.

What The Numbers Say

According to NSAA, an analysis of injuries and fatalities during the last decade show that an estimated 40 deaths occur per year as a result of winter downhill slope activities in the US alone. Of all fatalities reported, around 80% were not wearing helmets. This data alone shows that many people fail to see the importance of wearing protective gear during winter activities.

The lower extremities are more than likely to get injured than the head and the face. However, the frequency of these injuries has lessened over the years thanks to the development of better skiing and snowboarding gear. Injuries to the head can be lessened as well, as long as those who participate in winter-related sports activities make sure to use helmets at all times.

How The Helmet Can Help Lessen Injuries

The helmet is intended to provide partial protection to the head. It is designed to absorb the energy caused by impact and dissipates it as a means to protect the head. Although a helmet do not guarantee the avoidance of injury, it diminish the risk and severity of injuries sustained during snowboarding or skiing activities.

Helmets have different grades, depending on their ability to withstand impact, resistance to roll-off, and retention strength. Helmets that are manufactured with American standards are 15% stronger than those made with European standards. Before buying, make sure that to determine the quality of the helmet and the standard used during its manufacture.

Always Wear Helmets for Protection

Helmet use is mandatory for Alpine ski racing, ice hockey and other related competitions. However, it is not usually mandated by law in all states that everyone should wear helmets when skiing. Hence, the practical way to ensure safety is to routinely wear a helmet every time you go skiing or snowboarding. There is no potential risk for wearing one. Instead, it will provide a significant decrease in the risk of injury, as compared to wearing none at all.