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skiin-in-maSkiing with your child can be a learning experience, a bonding experience, and a healthy form of exercise. If skiing in MA is new to your child, it is something you can help him or her with at any age.


When teaching your child to ski, one of the most important tips is to be patient.  Nothing can ruin an experience as quickly as becoming impatient with a child.  Even if you have been skiing for years, your child is only starting to learn.  He/she needs plenty of leeway for questions and mistakes.

Understand Limitations

Second, be aware of your child’s limitations.  Regardless of your child’s age, he/she cannot develop skiing skills overnight.  Make sure the equipment is appropriate for his/her size and age.  Allow time for breaks if he/she becomes tired or disinterested.


Third, convey your enthusiasm to your child.  When a parent truly enjoys a sport, it is easier for the child to become enthusiastic about it.  However, let him/her know you were not an expert at the beginning.  If you tell your child about your early experiences, including your mistakes, it can help to develop confidence.


Fourth, make a schedule for skiing instruction, but be prepared to adjust it when necessary.  A useful approach is to set a specific time for instruction, and do your best to stay within that particular time frame.

Have Fun!

Fifth, learning to ski should be fun.  While there are many skills your child needs to learn, he/she will be more enthusiastic about the process when having a good time.


Sixth, carry some snacks with you when you are out skiing.  Consider snacks that are small, do not create messes, and can be carried in your pockets.  When you have snacks available, you will not need to leave the ski slopes every time your child becomes hungry.  A snack can also be used as a reward when your child learns a new skill.

Stay in Tune

A seventh tip is to stay in tune with your child’s feelings.  If learning is to be a positive experience, focus on how he/she feels.  If he/she becomes tired, disappointed, or confused, it can be a sign that a break is needed.  Whether he/she needs to rest, or needs to have something explained, accommodate for needs whenever possible.

Know Your Own Limitations

An additional tip is to assess your own limitations.  While many parents can instruct their own children, there are some situations in which expert instruction is better.  Do not be disappointed if you find you lack the patience needed to teach the child, or if you do not have enough knowledge or experience to teach.  A skiing coach can be the ideal solution.

Ski Bradford can set the foundation for a lifetime of exercise and fun.  You can make it a part of your child’s life today.