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Here’s some tips for snowboarding this Spring. Visit Massachusetts ski areas like Bradford to try them out!


One great rule to remember is the fact that the snowboard ought to reach anywhere between your nose and chin when placed upright on the tail.


The width of the snowboard is normally related directly to the foot size of the owner. One will be needing a board with a width of dimensions that will prevent the toes and heel from dragging in the snow when turning.


A main factor when finding the right sized board has everything to do with the owner’s weight. Heavy riders should own boards with a stiff flex. Alternately, light riders need a softer flex.

Choosing Your Snowboard

Now is the perfect time for choosing the right board if you happen to be a:

Free Ride ~ All Mountain boarder :: the choices are varied since this type of snowboard is the most popular one and it can be used in all locations on the mountains.

Technical ~ Freestyle boarder :: your particular board is built for performance tricks such as airs, spins and riding fakie, meaning backward. Soft flex freestyle snow boards are responsive, making them great for turning. This also makes them a preferred beginner’s board.

Carve ~ Alpine boarder :: one who rides this type of snowboard will be carving and riding downhill and therefore will want the longer board. These boards are not meant for tricks.

Alright, now that you have an understanding of snowboards, there are a few things more to think about before making your purchase, such as price, graphics and brands in whatever order you think are most important to you.


With over fifty different brands to consider, many people just buy the brand their favorite professional snowboarder uses. Some people like to use a brand that is produced locally. Many ski companies have joined in on the snowboarding experience. Be sure to research any brands you are interested in, to know that you are getting the right one for you.


Snowboard prices range from ninety to six hundred dollars. Your decision will obviously be relative first to what you can afford to pay for your snowboard. Many companies have selections in various price ranges. Signature Series boards are designed by professional riders and include their signature. These are often the higher priced boards. The very highest price boards are often a limited edition, whereas, other boards are being mass produced, these are made in a limited number. The cheapest or Price Point Series snowboards are made for buyers who must consider price to be the first and most important factor. If shopping online, be sure to remember to include taxes and shipping costs into the total price you will be paying.

Enjoy Snowboarding New England!