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The kind of ski you get is very important for improving your abilities when going to Massachusetts ski areas. New England skiing is among the most beautiful in the country, but if you do not pick the best skis, you will never achieve your full potential when Massachusetts skiing. However, at the same time you should not go out and buy the best one on the market. You want to get one that is good for your needs.

Different skis are made for different skiers, and therefore one that is good for an expert might not be so good for a beginner Boston ski enthusiast. In other words, it does not always pay off to pay more money for skis, because sometimes you might not be ready for the more expensive models. Here are the three general skill levels of skiers and what skis are best for each category:


If you are a beginner ready to ski Massachusetts, the first to think about is the Atomic Nomad Sativa. This is known for being exceptionally smooth, even more so than other beginner models. It is quite stable regardless of how sharp you turn it, and it is good for gripping regardless of the kind of snow you are in. For this reason, it might not be the fastest model for Boston skiing, but it is ideal for someone just learning. This one is just $130 new, which is quite a bargain when you consider advanced skis are often $600-700.

The Elain flow 4.1 is another one think about when going to ski areas in New England. This one is also excellent for beginners, because again of the smooth ride. Like the Atomic model, it is not the fastest one in the world, but the riding and turning are easier than the faster skis.


As you ski New England and improve your abilities, you might want to upgrade to the Line Sir Francis Bacon models. These are made for use in both groomed trails and untouched powder, and are at home on either surface. These are much more expensive than the beginner skis reviewed, coming in at roughly $600.

Also, consider the Volkl Mantra when hitting New England ski areas. These are also not cheap, selling for $700. However, for someone of more advanced abilities they are worth it. Like the Sir Francis Bacon model, they are great for use in both backcountry and resort conditions.


K2 Burnin Luv would be one to think about if you consider yourself an expert. These are known for being very flamboyant, as they come in bright colors. In other words, you cannot be afraid to stand out, because you will.

They are known for being excellent at carving. The newer models are also better for handling bumps and untouched terrain than their predecessors, because of the increased side-cuts. Also, they are a little wider than the earlier versions for more stability, although this has not hindered its’ turning speed very much. The great thing about these is that they are very stable no matter how fast you are going, unlike many beginners to advanced ski.

The bottom line is, whether you are going to Massachusetts ski areas or somewhere else, the right ski will make all the difference. New England ski mountains are waiting, and when you get the right skis, you will be ready to take them on. Do not forget about snowboarding New England, as every skier should try snowboarding at least once.