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Even though the ski season is over in most North American locations, ski Boston enthusiasts will want to work to keep their bodies in shape for the next season.  There is no need to lose all the strength, stamina and flexibility you have gained over the season if you take a few steps beginning right now.  When next season opens, you can find yourself ready for a fun, action packed season.
Start training at the gym.  As you are aware, a membership alone is not enough.  You must make the commitment to make regular visits for working out and not just to socialize.  If you do not have a membership, the off-season is often a good time to join.  Many gyms offer a couple of free sessions with a personal trainer.  The trainer helps to set up a routine that will focus on the muscles needed for the next ski Boston season.  In addition, the trainer can teach you safe use of equipment to prevent injuries.  Regardless of the routine you choose, be sure to focus on the large muscles most often used in skiing, the gluts, hamstrings and quadriceps.
If you are not the type to spend the spring and summer at the gym, then cross training may be ideal for your off season workouts.  There are many sports, which work similar muscle groups to those used in skiing. Consider mountain biking, kayaking, inline skating, swimming, jogging, climbing or even yoga.  These activities can all benefit the health as well as the skiing ability, whether they produce flexibility, endurance or core strength to help with next season’s ski Boston activities.
If, in spite of your efforts to keep your body trained, you are still missing your skiing, consider a ski camp.  Mt. Hood, just outside of Portland, Oregon offers skiing all year long.  In addition, Whistler Blackcomb also offers some great camps.
Remember, just because the Northern Hemisphere is in the midst of the Spring/Summer warming, the rest of the world will just beginning the Fall/Autumn cooling.  Several fine places in South America, Australia and New Zealand offer skiing.  These resorts offer the perfect way to fill your need to ski Boston.
Training in the off-season offers the perfect way to stay in shape for the upcoming ski Boston season.  Even though it may be difficult to ski Boston during the Spring and Summer there are plenty of activities to keep you in shape.