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For great Massachusetts skiing and Snowboarding, check out these tips!

Buying a Snowboard
Back in the old days buying a snowboard was easy. However, that is not the case anymore, as there are many different Snowboard companies available to you. With so many endless choices, you may need some advice about what the best snowboard should be. This piece of information will help you to choose the snowboard that you need to make your holiday an exciting and pleasurable one.

Here are some of the more commonly used types of snowboards available in the market today:

Snowboards for free-rides
Snowboards for free-style
The Backcountry (Split)
Pipe/Park Snowboards
Broad Snowboards
Powdered Boards
Snowboards for children
Snowboards for women’s free-style
Complete Mountain Snowboards for women
Snowboard Decks

When buying, it can be tough since the style and the way that people speak has changed. It would be a good idea if you brush up on your lingo to make it easier for you to not be cheated by the seller.

You will need to answer a few important questions before you buy a snowboard. However, you will be glad to know that, to most of these questions, you already know the answers. The main factors are, your weight, height, and how you ride. These will determine what kind of board you will need to purchase. However you will still need to know:

What your riding capabilities
Beginner- newbie, first-time, doing lesson.
Intermediate- boards for more than three times in a year, catch air, can turn without any problems.
Advanced- you know pretty much all there is to know

Knowing what kind of style you prefer will help you to determine what kind of board you should get.
Many different people have varying suggestions on what styles there are. However, we will just break it down to a couple simple things for you.

The three general riding styles are:

1. Free-ride style. A free-ride or an entire mountain snowboarder use the whole mountain. This is if you like catching air, carving, and basically all other kinds of riding aspects available.

2. Technical or Free-style riding- includes mostly tricks, spins, jumps, jibbing, grabs; basically ripping it up. Technical freestyle is normally found in parks or near the half-pipe. Freestyle boards are the best for a beginning snowboarder.

3. Carve style- combines speed and deep turns and uses everything that you get from the mountain. Riders with the Alpine continually transition from one turn to the other. It is all about great speed and good carving.

Once you determine what your style is, then you can move to the very important decision of buying: the width and length of the board. This is not only determined by your height but weight as well.

After soaking up all this new information, it’s time to ski Bradford, one of the best Massachusetts ski areas!