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Ski areas in New England are experts at teaching this fun new sport to beginners. These resorts have enthusiastic teachers who are experienced skiers and experts in working with people. The new skier gets equipment that fits. Practice areas and lodging encourage participation while others skiers offer encouragement. A person beginning this new adventure is surrounded by passionate, helpful, outgoing people who want him or her to succeed and have fun.

The Trainers

Every teacher is hand-picked for this position by the New England resorts. Enthusiasm for the sport is the first criteria for employment closely followed by experience and knowledge. Because these trainers love skiing, they make sure every person in their class develops the same passion for snow and slopes. These skiers know how to use their bodies most effectively and teach others these techniques. For example, holding the poles above the waist and in front of the body gives the skier more control. With their knowledge and experience, these guides explain and demonstrate individual movements. Then, these experts carefully watch the students to make sure they understand and duplicate the motions. If a student does not perform satisfactorily, the trainers have the expertise to help him or her adjust the stance until it is right.

The Equipment

The right equipment in good working condition keeps skiers safe. Skiing is easier if the boots are the right size for the feet and the skis and poles are right for a person’s height and type of skiing. Informed rental assistants educate their customers.

The Location

Ski resorts have it all: snow, slopes, food, lodging and exuberant participants. A novice skier can practice, rest, dine, watch other people and discuss techniques, equipment and fun places to visit almost nonstop from the time of arrival until departure. These friendly people help each other improve their skills and make the experience pleasant. Lessons can be scheduled in the mornings, in the afternoons, in groups or privately. Some lodges offer a series of classes lasting most of the season and include lift tickets and equipment rental.  The more a student learns and does, the faster he or she gains the desired skills.

The best place to learn how to ski is at the ski areas in New England. These resorts have experienced, trained and enthusiastic teachers, the right equipment and fantastic skiing areas. People stay in comfort while enjoying the lessons, the amenities and the friendship of other skiing enthusiasts.