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Learning to Ski is great way to exercise and have fun with the whole family. If you are a parent interested in teaching your child how to ski, it is important to educate them on the proper skiing techniques to ensure they ski safely and make it a better environment for other skiers.

1. Teach the Responsibility Code

The first step to teaching your children how to be safe on the slopes is to teach the “Responsibility Code”. The responsibility code was established by the NSAA, and lists seven objectives to ensure safety and skiing etiquette.

  1. Always be in control of your equipment. Also, know how to stop and how to avoid other people and objects while on the slopes.
  2. Let other people in front of you go first.
  3. Move to the side of a run if you are blocking a trail or are not visible from above.
  4. Yield to others and look uphill whenever you are merging onto a trail or when going downhill.
  5. Prevent runaway equipment by using proper ski and snowboard leashes.
  6. Pay attention to all signs that are posted, keep off of closed trails
  7. Know how to use all types of ski lifts safely.

Ski with Proper fitting Equipment

Trying to ski with poor fitting equipment is like riding a bull without using a hand to hold on, it cant end well. When evaluating ski size it is important to think about your skill level, the types of snow and terrain you are going to be conquering, and  your height and weight.  Beginning skiers should also consider their skill level when choosing binding strength.  Ski Bindings are meant to allow the ski to pop off if the skier gets into a compromising position. Too tight of bindings and the skier could get seriously injured, too loose and the skies could pop off after hitting the slightest mogul.  Check out this blog article by evo, for an experts guide to sizing skies.


Practice Makes Perfect

When you and your child come to ski Bradford it will be essential to know the basics! To get your little one on the right track, enroll them in a reputable ski school, some say Ski Bradford has some of the best instructors in Massachusetts.

The earlier you enroll your child into ski school, the sooner they will master the basics, rules and safety mechanisms that accompany skiing. To find out more about how children can stay safe on the slopes and to find out more about our ski school, call Ski Bradford at (978) 373-0071.