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            Before heading off to the best ski area Massachusetts has to offer, you might want to consider getting kitted out properly from head to toe. When the glistening slopes beckon you closer, you know for sure that you are going to have an amazing time — provided that you are geared up with the appropriate protective equipment. Skiing is a sport that offers an insane adrenaline rush and an incomparable sense of freedom. This is something that can only really be enjoyed if you are sure that you are protected against any possible injury.

            Good protective ski-wear begins with a stellar helmet. If you do not have a helmet, you should definitely stay indoors. A ski helmet is designed to fulfill a few functions: keep your head warm, provide comfort and protect against head injury. A ski helmet can only be effective if it fits perfectly — so you will probably want to educate yourself on the best way to fit one of these protective accessories.


            Before choosing a helmet, you are going to want to measure your head — which is a surprisingly fun (and slightly silly looking) activity. Grab some soft tape and aim it approximately one inch from your ears and eyebrows. Carefully wrap the tape around your head and mark off where the two edges of the tape meet. Roll the tape back out alongside a ruler or measuring tape. Always measure in centimeters as this is generally the specified size on most helmet brands. A piece of wool or string works just as well as tape and can be used as a substitute during the measuring process.


            Once you have found a helmet that suits the circumference of your head, you should try it on. Trying on accessories is always enjoyable. Your helmet should be fairly snug and should not move around at all. Of course, it should not be too tight. If you feel any uncomfortable pressure, try a different helmet. Comfort is key in a sport like skiing and should therefore never be compromised.


            Next up, do the “shake test”. This is a bit of silliness that serves a real purpose. With the helmet strapped securely to your head, shake your head like an 80s glam rocker. The helmet should not move at all — it should stay in place at all times. If the helmet moves away from your head at all, it is too big. Keep doing the shake test until you find a helmet that stays snug and secure. You should also try moving the helmet around with your hand. It should feel as though your skin is trying to move with the helmet. Bear in mind that it should fit comfortably and should not make you feel too restricted. A helmet that is too tight is almost as bad as one that slides around on top of your head.


            Once you have found the perfect helmet, you will be ready to grab the rest of your equipment and hit the slopes. The best way to enjoy exhilarating snow sports is to know that you are completely protected against harm.