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Although New England keeps getting pounded by snow storm after snow storm, the 2015 ski season’s coming to an end much sooner than you might realize. Before you get ready for those last few runs, it’s wise to make sure that you get your skis tuned up. Make sure to follow these steps in order to get your skis ready to go out there and really enjoy that end of season push.


Start by making sure the edges of your skis are sharpened. Remove any rust that’s built up in on the skis while they’ve been in your garage, and start with the base edge before you move on to the side edge. To remove any small burs or rust, use a sharpening stone or Emery cloth to file off any oxidation and smooth out your edges.


Next, round the edges off of your contact points. It’s not a tough job, but one that needs to be done.


Before filling in scratches it is important to remove any old dirt and wax from the base of your skis. Use wax remover only when cleaning your base, gasoline or acetone could dry out your base. Once the base is clean you can use a P-Tex candle to get the voids left by scratches filled in. After lighting your P-Tex candle go over any scratches or divots holding the candle very close to the surface of the skis, and let the P-Tex drip into any small divots. Then use a sharp, burr free metal scraper to get rid of the excess build up to smooth the surface.


Your next step will be to brush down your skis. Use a good brush to prepare it for the next step.


You’ll move on to waxing down your skis, a real necessity for hitting the slopes.  The final wax will be your next tune-up step. For wetter spring skiing conditions we recommend using Fluoro wax to help repel water and dirt. Dribble your heated wax around the edges, then remove the wax block from the iron and dribble excess wax down the middle. Then slowly run your iron down the ski at a speed that leaves about 2-3 inches of wax streak behind the iron being careful not to overheat the ski. If you can feel too much heat on the top of the ski as you’re running the iron down the length of the base, you could be damaging the core of your skis, stop and let them cool for a minute. Once you make 2 passes with wax, let the ski cool for 15 minutes and softly remove any excess wax with a plastic scraper.


Tuning up your skis shouldn’t be a hard job, but it is one that is labor intensive. Make sure to get your skis tuned for that final 2015 season push and get down to Ski Bradford for one of our awesome events.