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Winter brings favorite cold weather pastimes, skiing and snowboarding, back to the minds and hearts of hearty of New Englanders and residents of Boston’s North Shore. However with winter also come shorter days and longer nights. This doesn’t mean, though, that winter weather enthusiasts have to squeeze in as many runs as they can while the sun still hangs in the chilly sky.
Night skiing offers a unique experience and expands the possibilities that winter allows. There are a lot of different reasons to try night skiing, but a here are the most basic three.
Less Money: Purchasing a lift ticket for skiing at night is less expensive that purchasing a day pass. For those who want to ski or snowboard for at least a solid four hours a day a few days a week, purchasing night passes is much cheaper than purchasing day passes. This leaves more money in your pocket for the holidays, which are right around the corner, or even for a few extra days of skiing.
Fewer skiers: Mountains tend to be less crowded at night, which means there will be less wait time for lifts and more room on the slopes, whether you want to take a few runs yourself or sign up for the cheaper ski and snowboard lesson packages that are offered at night. If the mountain has a well-lit terrain park, practicing at night could give you more space to simply test out and familiarize yourself with new obstacles or perfect that triple spin you’ve been working on all season.
New spin on an old favorite: Nighttime completely changes the atmosphere of the mountain. The white snow no longer reflects the glare of the sun but glows softly under the stars and the sounds of the day die away and leave the air clearer and more profound. To ski and snowboard at night, while physically the same as during the day, opens up a whole new sensory world that you won’t soon forget.
Night skiing is available at many ski areas in Massachusetts, but only Ski Bradford offers it on Boston’s North Shore. It is a unique experience that both seasoned and novice skiers and boarders won’t soon forget.