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Alpine skiing in Massachusetts is a pastime that many families have engaged in for years. Though the state is not generally known for its winter sports activities, there are numerous Massachusetts ski areas where people of all ages can enjoy the sport regardless of skill level. If you are interested in experiencing the fun of downhill skiing, but you are nervous about the learning process, you should consider a trip to Bradford Ski Area in Haverhill, Massachusetts. It is conveniently located just minutes from the Boston metropolitan area, and it caters to skiers of all ages and abilities.

You can go to any of the Massachusetts ski areas to learn how to ski, but if you want the best experience for you and your family, Bradford is the best. The programs offered at the facility range from lessons for beginners to advanced teaching for expert alpine enthusiasts. In fact, Bradford Ski Area offers seven levels of instruction, which build on each other as students progress. The ski area’s outstanding instructors make the process fun, and you might be surprised how quickly you will find yourself gliding down the hill with ease.


There have been many recent innovations in ski technology which have made the sport easier than ever to learn. Skis used to be long and somewhat unwieldy, but new design philosophies have embraced shorter skis which are simpler to use. If you have skied on planks that were taller than you in the past, it may take some time to get used to the new style, but you should be carving beautiful turns in no time with the instruction provided at Bradford. When you combine the expertise of Bradford’s instructors with the innovations in equipment, you have the perfect recipe for learning how to ski in a surprisingly short amount of time. Of course, everyone learns at a different pace, which is why Bradford’s ski school experts take the time to work with everyone to ensure that no one gets left behind.

You can learn how to ski at any one of the many Massachusetts ski areas, but there are numerous reasons why you should choose Bradford. The ski area is conveniently located, affordable and it offers many types of terrain. The snow conditions are wonderful for beginners and experts alike, plus the ski area is open for over 80 hours of operation every week during the season. If you have the itch to get on the slopes, you should pack up the car and head to Bradford – one of the finest Massachusetts ski areas.