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One of New England’s favorite winter pastimes is skiing or snowboarding. The art of gliding down a snowy mountain on a highly waxed piece of composite material is a staple during the cold weather, and ski lessons are the perfect way to improve the skills you already have, learn some new ones, or share the love of skiing and snowboarding with a new generation.
Ski and snowboard lessons let you learn from a professional, qualified ski instructor. This instructor’s job is to make sure that you are safe on the mountain, and teach you the proper techniques for gliding down the slopes effortlessly (though your first attempts may be anything but). Anyone, from older learners to kinder-class, will be able to learn and perfect basic skills that will allow them to stay in control and enjoy the crisp mountain air. Instructors are also able to work with all levels – from beginners to novices to advanced skiers and boarders – and teach them skills that build on the knowledge they already have.
In addition to techniques, an instructor will teach you about the proper terms, etiquette, and equipment. If you’re a beginner, you will learn what a binding is and how to step in and out; if you’re more advanced, you could learn how to replace and change bindings or how to adjust them. A ski lesson will also teach how about the different equipment on the mountain: how to load and unload from various lifts, how to use the terrain park, or even how to be a competitive skier or boarder.
However like all forms of practice, ski lessons are more effective the more you get out to the mountain and ski. This can be difficult if you need to take a few days off of work, load up the car, and make the two (or more) hour journey up north just to get to your weekly lesson. Luckily though, there are opportunities just outside of the Boston area, and at only 50 minutes north of Boston, Ski Bradford offers the perfect combination of location and lessons to continue your practice and share an adventure with the whole family. They even offer terrain parks and night skiing for you experts out there!