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Gliding down the slope of a mountain, whether during the day or night, is an extremely enjoyable and relaxing winter sports activity for any North Shore family. However for those Bostonians who are looking for more of a thrill as they race across the smooth powder, terrain parks are the perfect place to let loose and chase the rush of getting some air and sticking the landing too.

Most ski areas have terrain parks, or areas that are specifically designated for freestyle maneuvers. These freestyle maneuvers are the moves and tricks that riders perform on obstacles and features in the park. Terrain parks usually have multiple features of a similar kind, and also features that vary widely from the well-known half pipes and rails to the lesser known moguls, or built up bumps in the trail. A good terrain park may not include all of these features, but will have a variety for each skier and boarder to choose from, practice on, and enjoy.

However this fun on the terrain park starts with following the guidelines that the National Ski Areas Association, or NSAA, has put in place. These rules are known as “Your Responsibility Code” or “SMART Style,” and are based off of four main principles: Make a Plan, Look Before You Leap, Easy Style It, and Respect Gets Respect. Each of the four principles is in place to allow both you and the other riders in the park to have fun and stay safe. Almost every major ski area has a terrain park, and out of those that do, almost every one follows NSAA guidelines.

That being said, there is no need to travel far and wide across Massachusetts to search out the perfect terrain park. There are plenty of ski areas that have state-of-the-art facilities just outside of Boston, with Ski Bradford having the largest terrain park in the North Shore. Ski Bradford even hosts freestyle ski and snowboard contests and events every season, so its terrain park is packed with unique features and has plenty of space to try out that 24 foot rail slide, and even stick the landing too. If you’re not an avid freestyle skier or snowboarder already, Ski Bradford’s terrain park will be sure to give you a taste for the rush that you’ll come back again and again to satisfy.