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New England skiing is among the best in America. Before you pack your bags for your first skiing adventure, however, it will be good for you to understand the kinds of snow you will most likely encounter. Even if this is not your first skiing trip, you should know what different kinds of snow are called, how to recognize them, and what their impact on your skiing might be. Many people ignorantly label snow as lumps of frozen water. Snow is actually a very complex form of frozen water molecules that form intricate ice crystals. You will encounter many different kinds of snow on a typical snow skiing trip, and you should be prepared and know how to handle different terrain.

In the Boston ski slopes, you will most likely discover three main types of snow: powder, crud, and crust. Each of these types of snow develop on New England Ski Mountains, and depending on the weather conditions, temperature, and number of skiers who have been there before you, you may encounter one or all three in one slope. The snow that is best for skiing and snowboarding in Massachusetts ski areas is called powder.


Depending on the time of year you take your Boston Skiing trip, you will find either a lot of or little powder. Powder is soft snow piled one on top of the other. Powder is soft snow that is terrifically fun to snowboard and ski on. This is the best kind of snow for skiing. On powder slopes, you will have to maintain a fast speed or you will sink into the snow. Powder is the best snow for trying tricks, going fast, and experimenting on.


Crud is powder that has been beaten down in places by previous skiers. There are many Ski Areas in New England and many people come every year to ski. That is why you will probably find most of the Massachusetts Ski Areas have crud. Crud is not difficult to navigate, and can be just as fun as powder. You just need to be careful for rough patches that have been packed down by others and brace yourself for uneven terrain.


Crust provides a platform for challenging Massachusetts Skiing. Crust forms on the top of layers of snow when the sun and wind melt the top layer of snow that then turns into a thicker form of ice. Crust is fun to ski on, but takes a more aggressive approach to master. When Snowboarding New England, make sure to keep the tip of your snowboard up so you are not stuck beneath the crust. Get ready and ski Massachusetts to the ground!