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Massachusetts skiing is well known for its wide range of weather conditions. One week we’ll see a perfectly comfortable snowy ski day, the next it will be blistering cold. To have a great time skiing near Boston, you’ll want to follow a few of these tips for blistery cold winter skiing in MA.



Layer Up

Just as layers are good to shed on warm days, they’re even more important when the Massachusetts wind chill dips into the teens. Layer a sweater or two under your most windproof heavy jacket to stay warm this weekend.


Don’t Forget Your Gaiter

Having the right gaiter changes everything. I personally like just a thin cotton neck gaiter to keep the wind off, but when the wind chill dips into the teens it’s always nice to have a heavy fleece gaiter on hand. There’s not much worse than ending an awesome Massachusetts ski day on the wrong note with a numb face and frostbite on your nose.


Invest in Glove Liners

Glove liners are a life saver in almost every skiing situation. They’re great to put on when your gloves get soaked through and even better when temperatures dip. Invest in a great pair of glove liners and never worry about numb fingers again.


Tuck a Hat Under Your Helmet

Our last bit of advice, tuck a hat under your helmet. Helmet vents can often act as a vortex, funneling frigid cold wind into your helmet. Normally the helmet liner will keep you plenty warm, but when temperatures drop it always helps to have a thin hat on hand. Wear your hat under a helmet and keep your noggin and ears comfortable on a blistery cold New England ski day.



Keep a few of these tips in mind and head over for awesome skiing in Massachusetts, at Ski Bradford. Our night skiing near Boston is a pretty fun time too. Ski Bradford, ski close to home.


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