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ski Massachusetts

Buying a ski or snowboard jacket is a must for anyone who wants to ski Massachusetts this season. There is far more to buying such an article of clothing than just getting the right look, though – this sort of jacket is a functional piece, something that is going to be an important piece of equipment on the slopes. If you want to buy a jacket, you need to consider the following information carefully.


Perhaps the least important factor, it is still a consideration. After all, who doesn’t want to look good on the slopes? The most important factor in style is going to be the fit – if it doesn’t fit correctly, you are less likely to wear it properly and get the most out of the garment. Always make sure that you choose a style that makes you feel confident enough to wear it outdoors.

What Kind of Jacket Is It?

There is certainly more than one type of ski jacket, and even pros argue about which type of jacket to buy. The most common, of course, is the simple shell jacket – thin and lightweight, it keeps the water out if not the cold. Those looking for something that will simply keep them warm might want to look for an insulated jacket. Such jackets restrict one’s range of motion, but they do offer more heat. At the extremes are soft-shells, which provide little protection but maximize comfort, and down-filled jackets that provide the ultimate experience for those looking for relaxing warmth but can be a bit of a liability on the slopes.

Is it Waterproof?

Waterproofing is another major factor to consider. Even a great skier is going to end up getting wet on the slopes, and it can be dangerous to get soaked in the winter. You want to look for a jacket that is between 6000mm and 12000mm for waterproofing if you plan on skiing, and always look for something about 10000mm if you plan on snowboarding.

At the same time, you do need to be aware of breath-ability. If the fabric makes you perspire too much, you are not going to have a great time. The problem with breath-ability is that you also lose warmth with the same function, so you have to be careful. Looking for a rating between 10 and 15k is probably the best for most skiers and snowboarders.

Does it Have the Right Features?

Finally, there are the features. It seems like every jacket has a few odds and ends that make it better than others, so you need to decide on what you need. Powder skirts and vents are probably a must for most, but items like an electronics pocket or a lift pass pocket will vary in necessity from person to person. No matter what you choose, make sure that your jacket suits you – not the person who recommends it.