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Although skiing is a fun activity, many kids are nervous and can be discouraged by the inevitable bumps and bruises along the way. Fortunately, there are many ways parents can prepare children to ski Boston. Below are some tips for getting your child excited about skiing:

Explain What Skiing Is and how it works

Many kids feel nervous about skiing because they do not know exactly how it works. Most just know that snow and ice can be slippery, it is important to explain how using your edges can help stay in control and more importantly how to fall on your back in a tucked position. Learning how things work on the mountain including how to maneuver lifts and equipment can help raise your child’s confidence on the slopes.


Take Your Kids to Shop for Ski Gear

One way you can get your kids excited about skiing is to take them to pick out their own ski gear. Picking their jackets, gloves, hats, and scarves will help ensure they are properly fitted and will keep warm during their first trip to the slopes. Picking out their own gear can also empower them to feel more confident and more comfortable on the slopes.


Encourage Your Children to Try Rollerblading or Ice-Skating

The skills needed to ice-skate or rollerblade are very transferable to skis. Ice skating will help your child learn how to balance as well as how to lean and use edges to cut and turn, helping them to feel better prepared for a day on the slopes. Learning to ice skate first also helps your kid understand that falling is just a part of the sport and nothing to be scared of. They will learn that when falling, the instinct to catch yourself can be more painful. Teach them to curl up like a bean when they fall, tuck your arms in and your chin to your chest. Always try to anticipate a fall and try to land on your back with your head towards the top of the mountain. Falling correctly will help your child avoid common wrist, neck, and head injuries.


Get Them Involved In Ski Lessons

Most important when getting your kid excited about skiing is proper lessons with a great instructor. Enroll your little star in a lesson that fits their age group and skill level. Being around other kids who are the same skill level and struggling together will give your child the confidence to push through. Ski Bradford has the best instructors in Massachusetts and runs the most clinics in New England. Trust the most tested group of instructors in MA and learn at ski Bradford, they will have you mastering the entire mountain in no time!