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Do you wait all year for the winter months, just so you can get back on the slopes? Snowboarding in Massachusetts is the perfect way to spend the cold season. Some people prefer to ski rather than snowboarding. How can skiers and snowboarders share the slopes and avoid collisions?

Skiers and Snowboarders

Many people assume that the two sports of skiing and snowboarding are similar. Although they both include descending down a mountain on boards, the actions of each sport are very different. Two important differences are the stance of the rider’s body and the blind spot for each sport.  Because of these differences, it is important that both skiers and snowboarders are aware of the etiquette they should use on the slopes.

Following the Skier Code

There is a code developed by the National Ski Patrol. It is best to review these rules prior to hitting the slopes.

  • You must remain in control.
  • You must avoid skiers in front of you because they have the right away.
  • You may not stop directly on the trail.
  • You must yield to other skiers before you descend.
  • You must use safety devices to prevent runaway equipment.
  • You must acknowledge and follow safety signs.
  •  You must use lifts properly.

Other Ways to Avoid Collisions

Both skiers and snowboarders draw a line in the snow as they descend. Doing this will allow the people behind you to be aware of your presence and the manner in which you are going down the hill. If you are behind a skier, make sure you take notice of their turns and ensure that you are giving them adequate space.

A simple yell that you are behind a fellow snowboarder can make a huge difference. By making your presence known, you can alert them and help them to be cautious of their surroundings. Sharing the slopes truly is an effort on the part of all people.

If you need to stop while on the slopes, it is best to make one swoop in the direction you want to stop. This allows you to leave the trail in a safe manner without placing fellow skiers in jeopardy.

Make sure that you respect the personal space of others. Getting too close to a fellow skier can cause a collision on the trail.

Skiing and snowboarding can be fun and exciting. At the same time, it is important to follow all safety rules in order to ensure the safety of others and yourself.