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Summertime is over, Thanksgiving has come and gone and everyone looks ahead to Christmas. Many people’s thoughts automatically turn to snow and all the wonderful activities that go with it. As well as the wonderful meals, parties and general over indulgences that we all tend to take part in this time of year. Many of us try to stay in shape and love the idea of matching activities for health with the current season. Skiing is one of the first thoughts that come to many people’s mind when they think about healthy activities in the winter. Often the next thought is where to go. Most folks think about Colorado and other mountains that have resorts. Quite a few find that skiing in Massachusetts offers some real excitement and variety.

Now many of us love to eat, and winter time is the time to enjoy hearty meals. Add to that the holiday parties where food and drink go way overboard and before long most of us are sporting more extra pounds that anyone cares to admit to. So, rather than continue to sweat in the gym with so many others, why not be on the slopes? Talk about a way to burn some calories. If you haven’t tried skiing you should think about changing up your exercise routine to include it. Let’s face it; we all worry about calories and staying in shape. It’s part of our culture to be body conscious, as well as health conscious. So why does a workout have to be routine? The health benefits from skiing are amazing.

Not only do you get to tone and build muscle while shushing down the slopes but you burn an amazing number of calories. Depending on what type of skiing the calorie burn could be as high as 1,000 calories per hour. Who wants to even think about how many miles on the treadmill or the Elliptical they’d have to put in to get that kind of burn. Not to mention the other health benefits like better heart health, mood elevation, flexibility and the obvious one which is weight loss. Who wouldn’t love that? Besides the guys on the Ski Patrol are mega hunks, so there’s that benefit as well.

So, we can enjoy the holidays and stay healthy as well with skiing. Why not enjoy a nice cup of cocoa in front of the fire place back at the resort after spending a day on the slopes. Don’t be surprised if your clothes are much looser after your ski weekend. Skiing has been the exercise of choice by many Europeans for many years. Whether it’s Cross Country or Downhill, you can’t go wrong with skiing. Of course a few of us do our fair share of falling, ever wonder how many calories are burn from falling while on the slopes?

So, the place to visit is Massachusetts, it’s a good choice for a weekend or holiday getaway. It’s local, no language barriers, and the ski slopes are beautiful. So, Massachusetts skiing is a winner all around. Have fun on the slopes and enjoy the brisk mountain views.