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Massachusetts ski areas have some of the best slopes in the region. Mount Wachusett, known for its old growth forest with trees as old as three hundred fifty years, has runs for every level of skier. The Berkshire East ski area is laden with greens for new skiers and decked out with a few double black diamonds for real veterans of the sport. There are more than a dozen resorts for New England Skiing in the surrounding areas all with slopes for every skill level.


While no Boston ski resorts are in the city proper, there are plenty of mountains close enough for residents to take weekend and even day trips when the urge settles in. Massachusetts skiing might not compare to an expedition to the Colorado Rockies, where skiing happens at seven thousand plus feet, but its low elevation should not be mistaken for low thrill adventures.

Between Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and Massachusetts ski areas, there are enough locations for variety to keep professional skiers busy for a lifetime. Every state has its unique style of mountain like Sugarloaf in Maine that boasts of a 2800-foot drop or Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire and its family friendly environment. The seasons on the slopes are protracted since the northern latitudes experience long winters and the higher elevations get plenty of snow all winter long.

Not everyone wants to ski Massachusetts and some people are not looking for ski areas in New England, rather, there are those who enjoy the board. Snowboarding in New England mountains is rewarding as well. In fact, Mount Wachusett even has jumps specifically designed for board junkies, and a few resorts in the surrounding areas have or will be installing half pipes to accommodate the hobby. Regardless of whether people enjoy whizzing down trails on one bullet or two, there are plenty of New England ski mountains for every hobbyist. Bradford is only 20 minutes from Boston and allows city skiers to get their skiing fix anytime they want.

With mountains so near, Boston skiing is almost a reality. Unlike the majority of the Midwest and southern states where skiers have to take weekend trips or even whole weeks off work to go where there are mountains, the entire New England region has the sport right in their back yard. Lift tickets are moderately priced and the slopes range in difficulty from bunny runs for beginners to double black diamonds for advanced carvers. There are few ways to enjoy a winter vacation better than to getaway to a lodge on the base of a slope.