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When it comes to taking a ski trip, most people automatically think of states like Colorado. Even though the Rocky Mountain range is the largest and most impressive in America does not mean that it is the only range of mountains suitable for wintertime activities. An area of the United States that does not get fair credit is the northeast. New England skiing is just as legitimate as any resort in the Rockies.

The northeast region of the United States boasts many ski areas that people do not pay enough attention to. New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut all have some fabulous resorts that should be enjoyed. All of these New England ski areas have slopes to accommodate skiers of every level as well as snowboarders. Most of the resorts are much smaller than those found in the west but this does not mean that they lack variety in terrain. Most offer runs from beginner slopes to extreme multiple black diamond runs.

New England skiing is a bit different from skiing out west since the snow conditions can change frequently. The snow conditions in this area of the country tend to be a wetter. This means that you will have a lot of packed powder and frequent icy conditions. You will have several fresh powder days it is just not as dusty as the snow you find in the Rocky Mountains. However, considering the money that you will save and the extra time you will have on the mountain, this difference is minute.

The lack of frequent dry powder dumps is about the only thing that you will miss. The smaller New England ski areas mean shorter lift lines and less crowded slopes. Nothing is worse than waiting a half of an hour just to get on the lift. Another huge benefit is the price of visiting these northeast ski resorts. The price of the lift tickets as well as the lodging can be considerably less than some of the bigger resorts in places like Colorado.

What more could one possible want from a wintertime get away. Ski areas in New England are quaint, have great skiing, and are considerable more affordable than lots of other winter destinations. So when you get ready to plan that ski vacation be sure not to forget about the beauty to be found from the New England Ski Mountains. You will get more runs in while spending less money. That is a vacation that talks to almost anybody.