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Let’s face it, skiing is a rough sport. Not only do you have to brave the cold, the wind, the rough slopes, the crowds, and the occasional tree in your path, but the activity itself can be quite demanding. Anyone interested in skiing in Massachusetts should consider a sports massage as a means of improving endurance while reducing the risk of injuries. What are some of the advantages of massage for skiing?

The Healing Side Of The Powder

Massage increases the blood flow to regions of the body, allowing muscles to gain more oxygen and build up in strength faster. This healing practice makes massages a common technique in many sports, let alone skiing. A professional football or hockey team will have one or more sports masseuses on staff in order to treat moderate injuries and muscle sprains.  As soon as you start a massage, your body releases the endorphins that dull pain and produce a feeling of euphoria. If you have broken a limb on a bad tumble or just got in the wrong way of a prickly bush, consider massage as a means of healing faster and getting back onto the hills.

Recover And Go

Massage alleviates the stress and tension that we carry around. Though some see skiing as a relaxing sport, the effort and concentration needed to get down a particularly steep slope may leave even a veteran ski buff frustrated.  Massage helps in both short and long term for stress reduction. Not only do you gain better relaxation of muscle groups, but with the reduction of tension in your joints and muscles you have better elasticity for a tight turn or a big jump. If you lean too much to one side or rely too much on one push, you may develop muscle soreness from overexertion.  Massage alleviates this swelling and soreness to better allow you to tackle a new course.

Mind And Body

The psychological effects of massage on a ski trip cannot be understated. The approach anxiety that builds up whenever a person thinks about a challenging hill or a big match can be overwhelming enough to reduce performance. A massage alleviates anxiety, creating a feeling of rejuvenation rather than reluctance. The increased blood flow throughout the body affects the brain as well as your muscles, putting you in a better mood from the higher oxygen content and combating the stress hormones that keep you frustrated. If you have a massage after a day at the slopes, furthermore, you will think more clearly on the trails and hazards, so that you are better able to think ahead the next time you plan a route down and avoid the hazards and complications that can lead to harm.