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ski resorts near Boston

Ah, it’s that wonderful time of year when ski enthusiasts start thinking about the ski resorts near Boston. Massachusetts is a popular state for skiing and resorts around the Boston area such as Ski Bradford tend to get booked up fast. There are thousands of visitors as well as locals that love the powder Massachusetts is well known for.

Though there are a great number of skiers to be found on the slopes each year the number of people snowboarding is quickly growing. Snowboarding is a popular sport that some people prefer over skiing. Many enjoy participating in both sports to get the most out of their skiing vacations. Whether being a snowboarding novice or a seasoned pro a good snowboard is crucial to a good experience.

Individuals that have never tried this sport before may fare better by renting a board to get introduced to the different styles of boards before investing in one. Available in many price ranges snowboards can cost anywhere from $100 up to well over $500. Yeah, they can be pricey which is why this guide will help beginners determine which boards can be found for under $300.

There are several brands of snowboards on the market but the focus of this guide will feature only the boards that are priced under $300. For young or small riders the Ride Lowride is an excellent beginner’s board. It is lightweight and soft and can be found around $170. Two other popular choices for young or small beginners are the K2Vandal and the Salomon Pulse.

Starting out at around $200-$250 these two boards are strong and excellent for riding the drifts over various types of terrain. They are both flexible boards that offer the control beginners need without sacrificing other features. Women who are new to snowboarding may find the control of the Burton Genie or a Salomon Lotus to be a perfect fit.

The Burton Genie entry level board can be found starting at $300 and the Lotus is offered for around $200. Both of these boards are designed for the female body and make an excellent board to learn and hone snowboarding skills on. For males or large framed females the Recon by Forum offers everything a beginner could want in a board. Costing around $300 the Forum Recon is an inexpensive but worthy investment.

While there may be other choices for beginners the above mentioned boards are all popular and have high customer ratings. As mentioned it is wise to rent a board to get the feel of it before purchasing a board. This ensures a precise fit combined with comfort and control, all which are a winning combination to use while snowboarding near Boston this ski season.