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Snowboard gear

Get the right gear for a great time at the mountain this season.

If you are interested in visiting some Massachusetts ski resorts, it can be a good idea to take a few precautions to ensure that you and your child have a safe and enjoyable visit.  Proper equipment will help avoid accidents and make your trip more comfortable, by remembering some of these tips, you can have a good time on the slopes, no matter where you plan on skiing.

Snow Sport Helmets a Must

The most important piece of equipment is a snow sport helmet. I have been snowboarding for years and even though I don’t hit the park and seldom take on the glades, I wear one every time I go out. Make sure that you buy a helmet that fits snugly, a poor fitting helmet wont do you much good. Helmets can help keep your head and ears warm and some even have built in speakers so you don’t have to deal with pesky headphones that always fall off. Even when wearing a helmet  you should always stay aware and within your skill level on the slopes.

Protect Against Frostbite with the Right Gear

Proper gear is another important piece for enjoying the slopes safely, always dressing in layers. Layering will allow you to better accommodate your body’s constantly changing temperature. One of the most overlooked item is a gator or scarf. You will want a good gator that protects from wind burn, but is thin enough to allow plenty of air flow, especially when venturing to mountains in higher elevations.  A warm sweater and quality waterproof jacket are also a must have. Remember denim and cotton wont dry very well on the slopes, so always wear snow pants to prevent frostbite.  Always make sure that any ski gear you purchase fits snugly, baggy ski clothes can get caught in lifts and cause hazards. You never think you will be that person to get their scarf caught in a lift, but trust me I see it happen at least once a season.

Protect your Eyes with a good Pair of Goggles

While many people may not realize it, the sun is another danger on the slopes. Always be sure to wear appropriate sun protection, even on days that may seem cloudy. Sun reflects off of the white snow very well, sunburns are more common than you might think. Wearing sunglasses or goggles is also important, visibility is key for a safe ski trip. It’s hard to stay safe on a run when the sun is preventing you from seeing surrounding hazards or skiers. I prefer a good pair of goggles over sunglasses because they can keep the wind and snow out of your eyes as well as keep the lenses fog free. When choosing a pair of goggles it is important to consider the conditions you will be skiing in. I prefer a pair of goggles with little tint so small moguls are easy to see. There is nothing worse then catching an edge on a small feature you didn’t see.

Snug Fitting Boots are Key

One thing a lot of beginning skiers and snowboarders over look are boots. I would say your boots are the most important piece of equipment you can own. A snug fitting pair of boots will allow you better control of your board or skies and allow for tighter, more precise turns and stops. Having proper boots will make your ski trip a thousand times safer 


Being prepared on the slopes is vital for having a safe ski visit. Invest in quality ski gear and you will be rewarded. We hope to see you at Ski Bradford this season!