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Skiing in a large group with a wide variety of ages and skill levels can be a bit tricky.  It’s important to be aware of who’s in your group, their skill level, and their comfort level on the slopes. Follow these 3 tips when navigating the mountain in a large crowd and ensure everybody has a good time.


Mind your manners

First and foremost good manners and appropriate conduct should be the most important item to every skier, no matter the group size. If the group sticks together be mindful of surrounding skiers, don’t block their path and hold them up, make room for them to pass. Risky or dangerous behavior can change someone’s life forever. Whether you’re a first time skier or have decades of experienced, dangerously cutting in front of another person or bombing down a run can write you and others a one way ticket off the mountain. Avoid accidents, the person further down the run has the right of way, anticipate their next move and don’t cut them off.


Know your group

When hitting the slopes as a large group it’s important to segment your group by skill level and expectations of the trip. If your group has a few beginners or skiers unsure of their skill level encourage them to take a quick ski lesson in the morning. Group like skill levels together and have one person be responsible for communicating with the rest of

Beginning skiers taking lessons

A few of Ski Bradfords young clinic cubs take to the magic carpet lift, learning to ski for the first time!

the group if they get separated. Different skilled packs will want to split off and enjoy the mountain at their own pace, keeping them close could put less skilled skiers at risk. Let them hit their own runs, have a designated time to meet in the lodge for lunch or meet at a particular chairlift once they’re at the base.




Ski to your ability, know your surroundings

Last but certainly not least, ski to your ability. There is nothing worse than getting frazzled and hurt yourself trying to keep up with a more skilled skier. Ski to your comfort level and push yourself only a little, but always stay in control. If you haven’t mastered the entire mountain you are not ready to go off trail. Leave the glades, double black diamonds, and Terrain Park to snowboarders and skiers that know what hazards to look out for and how far they can safely push themselves. If a run or section of the mountain is blocked off listen to the sign, there’s probably a good reason it’s closed.


If you follow these 3 ski tips there is no way your group could have a bad time. Mind your manners, know and segment your group on skill level, and never ever ski outside of your comfort zone. Enjoy!