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                The New England area has many opportunities for anyone to learn how to ski, Massachusetts being one of them. Learning how to ski can be a very exciting prospect, but it can be a very frustrating experience as well. It’s not easy to master skiing and the learning curve may be quite steep at first. Follow these 10 tips for new skiers, and hopefully you’ll be a lifelong fan of skiing and become a competent and happy skier.

1. Find a resort with terrain for beginners

If you’re skiing for the first time, a local ski resort is the best place to test your skills. As long as this resort has lots of beginner terrain, you should enjoy your first-time skiing. Ski Bradford is the perfect place to experience skiing for the first time. We have multiple trails for all levels of skiers that will provide you with the right environment to learn.

2. Wear goggles

Ski goggles aren’t essential, but sunglasses that help block ultraviolet light are. However, the advantage of buying goggles is that they come with a strap, which helps you keep hold of them.

3. Wear a helmet

Although there are so many debates about a helmet, it all boils down to common sense. Going to ski without a helmet is like getting into a car and not wearing the seat belt.  You always want to keep yourself safe!

4. Get a lesson

There’s a reason why so many people every year get skiing lessons: it really works. Getting skiing lessons from someone who is trained will lead to amazing improvements as well as a better experience compared to trying to learn with a friend or on your own. A ski instructor can watch all your moves to see how you can improve your technique, what you aren’t doing right, and what tips you’ll need to improve. There are many options available for different levels, whatever you want to learn.

5. Dress appropriately

Don’t wear cotton or jeans as they absorb water. This is one of the most common mistakes that first-time skiers make.  If you’re unsure of winter sport, a simple solution to stay warm and dry would be to wear layers underneath and cover them with a plain nylon windbreaker.

6. Rent boots and skis

You’ll have a better skiing experience if you rent boots and skis instead of borrowing your friend’s old pair of boots or dated skis.  Even if you own a pair of boots or skis, learning how to ski on modern skis is safer than learning on old skis, and it will also help you learn faster.

7. Be patient

As with anything, it takes time to learn how to ski. Learn how to walk before you try to run. It will take time to learn the sport and if you develop some solid foundations early on, you’ll ultimately get better at skiing.

8. Always learn from a qualified instructor

Don’t get skiing lessons from your family or friends. Being able to ski and being able to coach it are two totally different things. Always learn from an instructor. This is a professional who will coach you properly. His or her primary concern will be your safety.

9. Get a snack and stay hydrated

Since you are working new muscles, you can easily get tired.  Stopping to have a snack or a drink is very crucial for your body!

10. Stay safe

While skiing, make sure you are careful and cautious. While learning, make sure you listen to the instructor because you can practice everything you’ve learned later on to master your skills. However, don’t try to outdo yourself.  It’s best to use terrain that you’re comfortable with and most importantly have fun!